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We want those who live in Brussels to find everything they need to settle here for the rest of their lives. Brussels must be a healthy city with clean air, sustainable mobility and be a forerunner in the climate issue. Brussels wants to be a safe city where you do not have to worry on the streets and on the public transports. Brussels must be a city with a vibrant city life where everyone can develop to its full potential and relax.

Today, Brussels is not perfect. Families and singles find Brussels a great city, but sometimes doubt whether they want to stay here all their lives because Brussels can do better in many areas.

Some of the priorities from our programme:


Brussels, a city with the prospect of a good life

  • Education and care. 

  • Continue to invest in additional nurseries and schools

  • Brussels children must master four languages after their studies: Dutch, French, English and the digital language.

  • Stimulate more general practitioners and facilitate new community health centres.

  • Keep living affordable for the middle class​

  • Striving for full employment​

  • Leisure activities in everyone's neighbourhood and to everyone's size​


Brussels, a safe city for life

  • A safe traffic for everyone​

  • Centrally managed security policy​

  • Tackling litter

  • Pilot project deposit. Brussels as exemple.

  • Pop-up container parks to all districts

  • Increase higher fines for waste disposal and empower more staff to verbalize


Brussels, a healthy city for life

  • Sustainable mobility requires choices (Bianca)​

  • Healthy air for every inhabitant of Brussels(Benjamin)​

  • Climate is a matter for all of us ​