A greener and calmer city

With well thought out, properly constructed buildings we can create more space for greenery and calmess in the city of Brussels. Green residential towers all over the world show us it’s possible.

Creating and developing talent

Youth unemployment is high in Brussels, but it’s been going down for five consecutive years now, faster than in both Antwerp and Ghent. There is hope for the future.

Accessible daycare for all

Every child has the right to affordable, quality care. Never before have we opened as many nurseries as during this legislation.

A European Islam/Lessons
learned from the 22nd of March

I plead for an Islam anchored in our society.
It’s logical that our city’s imams know our culture and speak
at least one of our national languages.

Being more proud of Brussels

Those who are proud of their environment will also take better care of it. Many Brusseleirs haven’t got this reflex, despite its obvious use. Responsibility for our city extends beyond the public authorities.

Feeling safe in Brussels’ traffic

The notion that anything goes when you drive a car in Brussels is fundamentally wrong. The lives of citizens will always be more important the liberty of motorists.

Brussels, reconfigured

The tasks of the communes must be simplified, and the decisions of the municipal region enforced, to provide Brussels’ citizens with clear and effective leadership

Giving meaning to city life

We need concrete dialogue en real interaction between different philosophical and religious communities, especially with our youth.

Pedestrian zone 2.0

The complete overhaul of the downtown boulevards was supposed to be a great example of public participation. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. The time has come to change our approach.

Paying  attention to Laeken, NOH, and Haren

Each zone should have at least one representative in the College of Mayors and Aldermen. ​This would more evenly spread the attention different parts of the city get.